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Songs are awesome. Let's make sweet music together. Or at least a cool playlist.

• Post a top level with your character/s

• Reply with songs that remind you of them or your CR

• Bask in sweet tunes!

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☆○o。 RUMOURS MEME 。o○☆

Rumours are spreading around London. So open up your burn book because it's about to get shady over here.

• Post a top level with your character

• Reply with rumours

• Victory!

Love Meme!

May. 23rd, 2016 07:58 pm
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Today is the Underground's official one year anniversary! Because we've had such a fantastic year and because I am very much looking forward to another fantastic year to come, I think we all deserve a pat on the back. So, without further ado, I present to you a...


♥ Post a comment listing your characters.
♥ Reply to others to tell them what you appreciate about their roleplaying and why you enjoy playing with them.
♥ Bask in the love!
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The rules are simple! Post with your character. Others respond with what RUMOURS might be spreading through London about them!

That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets.

See a rumour posted about another character that your character would likely repeat? Respond to a rumour with your character's re-telling, creating the rumour grapevine! What the hell would a rumour become after three or four slightly tweaked retellings?

Go for the throat, and start rumours that hit them where it hurts! It's election season, after all, and haven't you heard how all the candidates have deep dark histories? Or so-and-so is definitely helping that terrible candidate? Other characters +1 or -1 the quality of your social undermining.

Start a rumour! Who is sleeping with who? Who is really crushing on someone? Who is an embarrassing drunk? Others will pitch in and add their own about related events to get a better picture of what really didn't happen.

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The Music Meme!

1. post a playlist of songs that remind you of your character, or maybe that they just really like.
2. comment around with songs that remind you of other characters!
3. listen around, broaden your music horizons
4. dance party?


Jul. 3rd, 2015 04:55 pm
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So I remember chit-chatting with someone (I've forgotten who and I'm too lazy to go back through plurk I'm sorry - I SHALL CREDIT YOU ONCE I FIND OUT WHO) about putting together a list of the alternate canon-names we're to have for the media our characters consume in this lovely AU.

Just cause everyone likes lists. No other reason.

I know I've already done it a few times myself in tags, but I think it might be awesome to try to have continuity on that front? Not that it really matters, it just sounds fun lol.

Anyway, I'd gladly make the list of what we have so far and give it to our lovely mod(s?) if anyone's interested.

Comment here with the stuff you've made up (if you remember it) and - ideally - the comment it was made in? SOURCE CHECKS PEOPLE /shot
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S'up, guys! Coincidentally, the [personal profile] app_this_plz meme goes up tomorrow which is also the same day that reserves open.

I'll be posting an advert, so let me know if there are any characters you'd especially love to have in the game! Canonmates, cross-canon, whatever your heart desires. Just fill in the form and post it here:

If you also wanted to use this post to enable each other, I would not object.
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Hello I am a Kat and I'm gonna try and be a helper.

I have no idea what else to call this but anyway. I've been rolling on this concern for a bit since hearing people being afraid of dead threads on the TDM or just coming late to the party and fearing tagging out because they'll get lost. I think I'm the only relic that uses the subscription features, not everyone follows the mod plurk, not everyone even has a plurk, and with the awesome spread of time-zones we have it's not a surprise that things might get lost in the wheels. This is not inherently a bad thing! But I also want to try and minimize that in whatever way I can. Which brings us here.

This is for current players to volunteer to be contacted to comment on the TDM to help aspiring players hit the app requirement if they're late arrivals/worried about dropped threads/just wanna be positive they get the threads they need, et cetera. It means being totally open and willing to be contacted by random people via your option of choice - PMs, plurk, the works - and being able to complete an application-length thread in the shortest time possible. I'm not policing actual thread lengths or tag speed cause that's silly, but let's say like. If someone posts on the TDM 1-2 days before apps close, we'll be able to help them out. If they post with ten minutes left, then. Welp.

So! If you're okay with being hypothetically accosted by strangers and think you can spin up tags on the fly for your surprise assailant, please fill this short form out!

Name: so they know who you are
Preferred Contact Method: PMs/Plurk/Skype/etc; so they know how to get in contact
Time Zone: so depending on what time of day they comment, they'll know where to aim their requests.

And note, this is not the mod's responsibility so don't direct questions to them. Shoot them at me instead! I'll maintain a short list on this post, so if anyone wishes to remove themselves from the list (school/work/life gets busy again, hiatus or drops, just don't feel like it), feel free to comment here as well and I'll remove you.

hopefully that all made sense screeches in horror

The List )
The Form: