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Test Drive Meme: June 2015

Welcome to the Underground test drive meme! This is where you can try out the AU version of your character, start some potential CR and get a feel for the world of the game. Choose your character's species, read up on the available factions and you're ready to go. Put your character's name in your subject line when you post, tag out, and have fun!

Note to current players: Activity in this meme counts as game canon! So you can use it for activity check. If you end up playing anything that you can't or don't want to use as game canon, it's fine to ignore it. (In that case you shouldn't submit it for activity check.)

Here are some prompts to inspire you:

1) LONDON CALLING. People come to London from all corners of the earth. Now you're here and whether you meant to or not, you've been drawn in to the supernatural world. Perhaps you're here to meet other members of your faction. Or perhaps the city's more unusual inhabitants find you first.

2) DARK SIDE. Whether it's animal instincts, a lust for blood or uncontrollable magic, every supernatural being struggles with their darker instincts. Be careful, you may end up doing something you regret.

3) ENEMY TERRITORY. You've found yourself on the wrong side of the tracks. This is enemy territory, you shouldn't be here. Better hope you can sneak your way through without any trouble. Although you have this nagging feeling that you're being followed...

4) GET YOUR SHOVEL. Well, there's a body. Freshly killed, and they didn't come to a natural end. The question is, did you do it or was it someone else? You'd better sort this mess out quickly.

5) STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. It's the Wimbledon finals, so grab a picnic basket, buy some horribly overpriced strawberries, choose your tennis-themed outfit and get yourself off to SW19. Sure you can handle large crowds? Now is not the time for a supernatural mishap.

6) JUST DANCE. It's a ceilidh! (Barn dance.) Organized by witches but open to all (friendly) newcomers, the dance takes place in an old music hall. There's food, drink, folk music and a magical ritual to bless all young single people attending who are looking for a partner. You never know, your next dance partner might be the one.

7) FULL MOON. (2nd July) Uh oh, it's that time of the month. Werewolves, have you been feeling more aggressive lately? A little short of temper? Better start preparing for your monthly transformation and hope that you don't get interrupted. And then there's the morning after, which feels like a massive hangover. Wait, where are your clothes?

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The Nogitsune/Teen Wolf | Unseelie Fae (good with brackets or prose)

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The creature stepped out of one of the doors its kind used, stretching and yawning as if recently awakened. None were there to see it (or so it thought) so it didn't bother forming itself up fully. Only when it stopped in front of the cracked mirror in the underground trash did it stop and consider. "I need a face."

Its eyes closed, head tipped back as multiple ones flipped through its mind. It could construct its own, but where was the fun in that? Better to take what it wanted. Oh yes. That one. The fae opened its eyes and smiled at itself in the mirror.

"I've done worse for myself," it said in Stiles' voice. The skintones were wrong, much too pale with dark shadows around its eyes, but the fae didn't care much. There were other concerns it had as it studied itself in the mirror. "Hm. I'm a male this time."

Pulling the waist of its pants out, it peered down and checked. "Yes, male. Not much of one though. Must be a human. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers even I can be."

Fact was that it was too lazy to really do much more. Dusting itself off, the Nogitsune changed the shades of its clothing to black and grey instead of what the real one had been wearing. Much better. Humans and their love of color.

"You're supposed to behave this time," the reflection said. "You promised."

The Nogitsune stopped mid-preening of its hair to frown at itself. "I will. What? I needed a face."

The reflection looked less than believing. It held up its thumb and forefinger an inch apart. "You're this close to being kicked out. Even we have standards, sort of, and you know what they said about not stirring up too much trouble."

The fae rolled its eyes. "I was the bad thing in the dark places when humans were still hooting around fires and scribbling on walls with sticks. It's not my fault the last ones didn't have much of a sense of humor. They let me out eventually. Besides, with the kind of gathering going on here, who's going to notice me?"

The image in the mirror was just that again, itself and nothing more. The Nogitsune's nose wrinkled as its fingertips tapped aimlessly against the glass. It could be good. It wouldn't, of course, but it could be. There was an entire city of beings laid out before it to play with as it pleased. No one would care if it pulled a few little strings, right? Started a tiny war or two?

Laughing to itself, the creature stepped out of the alleyway and into the London evening. There was exploring to be done.
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(Or vampire flavored version - utterly winging it here) : London Calling

[personal profile] mygame 2015-06-30 04:44 am (UTC)(link)
There were a lot of things in the world that could convince one to get in line and behave. Being planted for a long time was one of them. Waking up stupidly weak with a blaze of lights shining in one's face cemented that. What fresh hell was this?

"I told you. Looks just like that werewolf's friend."

Nogitsune blinked dumbly, trying to get his hands up to block some of what he was sure hand to be sunlight after so long. He couldn't even do that. Everything else passed in a blur of a good hard shake as if he were a ragdoll and being told that if he didn't settle down and help, there wouldn't be any planting next time. Death was going to follow. After blood and more information, the Nogitsune found himself standing in a flat (that now belonged to him somehow), fake ID on the table and more warnings ringing in his ears.

"I hate witches," he muttered to himself as he took a few tentative steps. Everything still ached or what he supposed was an ache. Hadn't felt much in a long time before he had been shut away and apparently forgotten about until needed. Nothing like being a thousand years old and dropped to the level of a newborn to remind him to not act up. Well, to be fair, he had tried to incite riots, terrify the human populace, and start a brilliantly planned war. Probably hadn't been his best idea in his unlife when such had been voted down by the Powers That Be beforehand.

Stuffing his new wallet into his pocket, the creature stepped out into the London night grumpily. He wanted something live instead of bottled before he had to be back and away from the sunlight. Granted, this was better than sleeping or being really dead, but starting all over? Not his idea of fun. That and he doubted it would be a good idea to go by Nogitsune in Great Britain of all places.

"Stupid witches," he muttered to himself as he tried to get used to the roar of cars going by, of the place being different than he remembered.
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I'm sorry I was trying to find a way to get Mab in here!

[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-06-30 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
Mab had not had the pleasure of meeting Stiles yet. And therefore the presence of the Nogitsune was enough to let her know he was not human and no preconceived understandings of him other than a brief view at the Litha festival tainted it. He was fae, that much was obvious, though it wasn't obvious what kind. Mab though, had used phobophages of her own as personal guards at one time and a creature that fed on fear and discord had a particular feel about it whether it took the form of horror monster or an anemic young man.

She turned from where she was standing down the street and watched him slink out of the underground looking pleased with himself. Her own eyes tracked him as he started down the street, in the other direction.

Slowly she smiled and began to walk after him, her feet silent on the sidewalk unshod and hem of her dress dragging on the ground but somehow never getting dirty.
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[personal profile] mygame 2015-06-30 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
The Nogitsune, on the other hand, was trying to remember to make its feet touch the ground. Amazing the things one might forget after being 'sent to its room' for years on end. Trick one werewolf into eating one vampire (and maybe a few Seelie) and everyone had a fit. Well, maybe had been more than that, but the point was that the Nogitsune had been having the time of its life. These things happened though, and the Nogitsune had gotten used to spending a few decades in the fae equivalent of Time Out for its games. 'Too far' didn't exist in its mind, even when it affected those far above it.

Its steps came to a slow halt as it breathed in the night air. Black eyes turned to behind it, body shifting to half-face what it thought it sensed but did not see.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl," it said to the night. "She found a snake dying in the snow. Out of pity, she picked it up and laid it inside her shirt. When the killing cold left its body, the snake bit her. As she lay dying, she cried out to it, asking why it had done such a thing when she had only been trying to help it."

It raised a fingertip like a teacher making a point to a class. "The snake replied, 'It's your own fault. You knew I was poison when you picked me up.'"

The creature smiled there. Whatever it was following it, the Nogitsune had no intention of being caught by it. Having been in a bubble for so long, its senses were weakened. Something was there, but damned if it knew what it was.
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-07-01 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
The creature moved as though he hadn't done so properly in some time, which was interesting. It fit the anemic young man vision he'd created. A little drunk or light headed. She didn't stop moving when the Nogitsune did, a light flickered nearby him as he looked up, a breath of air making him visibly expand his chest before he turned his head in her direction. His body followed. Which would have probably upset a human. But Mab was not human.

His story was familiar and as she passed through a lamplight beam it reflected back her pale skin, and snowfall dress. She melted back into shadows and her eyes still glowed in shifting colors of greens and blues. She stopped in front of him as he finished his tale.

"I prefer the tale of the scorpion and the frog." She replied. "A scorpion asked a frog to carry him across a river. The frog refused because he was afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argued that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agreed, but midway across the river the scorpion did indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion pointed out that this is its nature."

Of course Mab would prefer the fatalistic version of the story. The snake, at least, had a chance of survival.

She tilted her head, a birdlike motion of interest, trying still to determine precisely what he is. She has no interest in catching him. Knowing what he was, however, was something else entirely. "Such interesting creatures stalk these streets at night."
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[personal profile] mygame 2015-07-02 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
The creature didn't move as she approached or what moved in the form of a female. Its story had been meant as a warning, the only one it cared to give or would. Surely that would satisfy those above it, yes? Be a shame to be sent back to its room after such a short time. The closer the woman drew, the more it doubted she was anything that would have feared it.

Its mouth formed a empty smile, fingers tapping out a meaningless pattern on a car's side.

"I like my story better. It's no fun if both sides die. There's no winner."

Her movement might be birdlike, but its was more animalistic. A shoulder and its chin dipped a little as it looked her over, a classic predator's shift in stance for preparing.

"Who might you be with your pretty eyes and clothing?" it asked. "Can't see you as a frog, but I have been wrong before. Used to know a frog that was clever for its kind that kept a score sheet of how many women it talked into kisses. Made all the other warty ones jealous."
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[personal profile] rules_winter 2015-07-03 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
Mab had gotten the message. I bite. But then again, most fae did. It did not sit still even when it wasn't moving. Finger tapping, now, like it wanted to move but knew it had to pay attention too.

It said something about both of them. What they preferred in a fable. It liked to hurt and wanted to win, she assumed. She would do what was inevitable because it was what she was. It moved like a beast, something with fur and fangs and hunger, with a little bit of playful crazy mixed in. She could see it in the way it settled its weight. And she did nothing to counter the motion, as though she was confident enough in what she was that it's inevitable attack was not the least bit concerning.

"You are right, I am no frog." Her expression remained cool, but curious and her answer made her the scorpion though it hardly gave the Nogitsune information to go on. She is tempted to make it tell her who it is first. "Do you believe I have need of requesting kisses?"

She spread one hand to the side at hip level. "I am Air and I am Darkness."
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