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Test Drive Meme: June 2015

Welcome to the Underground test drive meme! This is where you can try out the AU version of your character, start some potential CR and get a feel for the world of the game. Choose your character's species, read up on the available factions and you're ready to go. Put your character's name in your subject line when you post, tag out, and have fun!

Note to current players: Activity in this meme counts as game canon! So you can use it for activity check. If you end up playing anything that you can't or don't want to use as game canon, it's fine to ignore it. (In that case you shouldn't submit it for activity check.)

Here are some prompts to inspire you:

1) LONDON CALLING. People come to London from all corners of the earth. Now you're here and whether you meant to or not, you've been drawn in to the supernatural world. Perhaps you're here to meet other members of your faction. Or perhaps the city's more unusual inhabitants find you first.

2) DARK SIDE. Whether it's animal instincts, a lust for blood or uncontrollable magic, every supernatural being struggles with their darker instincts. Be careful, you may end up doing something you regret.

3) ENEMY TERRITORY. You've found yourself on the wrong side of the tracks. This is enemy territory, you shouldn't be here. Better hope you can sneak your way through without any trouble. Although you have this nagging feeling that you're being followed...

4) GET YOUR SHOVEL. Well, there's a body. Freshly killed, and they didn't come to a natural end. The question is, did you do it or was it someone else? You'd better sort this mess out quickly.

5) STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. It's the Wimbledon finals, so grab a picnic basket, buy some horribly overpriced strawberries, choose your tennis-themed outfit and get yourself off to SW19. Sure you can handle large crowds? Now is not the time for a supernatural mishap.

6) JUST DANCE. It's a ceilidh! (Barn dance.) Organized by witches but open to all (friendly) newcomers, the dance takes place in an old music hall. There's food, drink, folk music and a magical ritual to bless all young single people attending who are looking for a partner. You never know, your next dance partner might be the one.

7) FULL MOON. (2nd July) Uh oh, it's that time of the month. Werewolves, have you been feeling more aggressive lately? A little short of temper? Better start preparing for your monthly transformation and hope that you don't get interrupted. And then there's the morning after, which feels like a massive hangover. Wait, where are your clothes?

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A woman stops next to him, the pub door closing behind her and a small bag of food that smells rather raw actually dangling from her fingers as she looks out at the rain. She frowns at it and sets the bag of food on a low planter before lifting her hands and running her fingers along the cowl of her shirt. It doesn't really look like it ought to be able to cover her head but when she lifts it, the entire thing slips up over the pile of white hair and somehow even shadows some of her face. She glances at the man with the cigarette and leans down to pick back up her bag of food. "One can always count on Rain in London." Her voice is somewhat amused and she reaches a hand out to let some of the drops fall against pale fingers. It might just be a trick of the light but they almost seem to crystallize as they touch her skin but she rubs her fingers and allows her hand to fall to her side before a closer look can be taken.

If the man wasn't there she would simply produce an umbrella. But keeping a low profile was important in such an easily observed place. Instead she turns and looks into the window of the pub and makes a motion with her fingers at someone just inside. The man opens the door and peeks out. "Do you have an umbrella I might use?" She asks and he looks at her for a moment longer than normal gazing directly into her eyes before turning back and disappearing. He comes back out and offers her a large model with what almost looks like a bow. Sort of a duck of the head and a blush. The woman just smiles, "What a good man you are." Isn't that what people say to dogs? But he seems pleased none the less, finally seems to notice the man and grunts out, "Only got one, sorry mate."

The umbrella has a good deal of metal on it and the woman seems to consider it for a moment, carefully taking the plastic handle. "Perhaps we might share it." Her gaze returns to the man and she offers the umbrella to him. That's right she's trying to make him hold it. Welcome to town, you get to be a butler.
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The sharp prickle of magic is enough to catch his attention almost immediately. Not the usual hamfisted display one typically found among low-level practitioners, meant to shock and awe. No, this was something altogether different and more dangerous for that.

Vlad takes the umbrella without protest, tossing off a hasty salute to the man as he retreats back into the pub. “It's not the cold that I mind,” he confesses, unfolding the umbrella and lifting it so that it covers them both, “so much as it is the damp."

Another drag of his cigarette, making the tip glow a faint cherry-red. Using the opportunity to study her while giving the impression of casualness. "Though I thank you for the generous offer to share, regardless."
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Her lips part in a smile, teeth white against frozen berry colored lips. "I never mind the cold myself." She steps close enough to him that the umbrella will cover most of her from the falling rain, unconcerned with the smoking. It blocks out a good deal of her own fresh scent. "Damp is more inconvenient."

His observations do not go unnoticed but he isn't leering so she doesn't mention it. There's magic about him as well though it feels unfamiliar. He is not a werewolf and he doesn't particularly feel like a witch. Mysteries. The thanks though, grandiose almost, makes a tingle run through her. Oh thanks can be binding. "Perhaps you will find a way to repay the favor some day." She replies sounding amused, she begins to walk simply expecting him to follow right along with her. He is polite in an old world manner, though she'd probably expect it of anyone, he is less likely to disappoint her than a more modern person might be. "Which direction are you headed?"
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Pick your words carefully. That was the rule of thumb when dealing with the supernatural element and one that Vlad took very seriously.

His choice, therefore, had been made with intent. She would not be the first that sought to entrap him, after all.

“Regent Street.” The Langham Hotel isn't too far off, he recalls, but there's enough of a distance that perhaps he'll be able to satisfy some of his curiosity. He also wouldn't object to a hot shower and a decent meal but priorities, particularly considering that he had places he still needed to be. "Though given that this is your umbrella I imagine we'll be headed wherever you need first."
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Mab had not even tried to entrap Vlad yet. There was plenty of time for these things.

Things were a little too touchy with the witches for her to venture onto Regent Street today. Not with a bag of raw meat in her hands, though going through vampire territory with raw meat wasn't a great second choice. That made her stop to consider. He had an old world set of manners though he looked quite young for a human. He did not smell like a wolf and his magic definitely wasn't fae. She considered him for a moment. It was possible he was a vampire. She had very little interaction with them yet. Interesting.

"I'm afraid I must cross the Thames. I'm headed to Lambeth Palace gardens." And wouldn't the church love having a fae traipsing through and opening doors? Ahh well, the church was never happy. "Were you in a hurry?"
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He inclines his head, seeming to consider this. Lambeth wasn't that far out of the way, though it was still a disputed territory - albeit one that bordered Islington territory.

Close enough to warrant the risk.

Shaking his head, "nothing that can't wait." Nothing that wouldn't be forgiven, at least. He smiles then, showing perfectly even white teeth. "Shall we then?"
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She watched the smile but you really couldn't tell anything by a smile. Mab herself had quite sharp teeth and you would never know it with her glamour in place. The rain may have caused some problems but here she was with her own personal umbrella holder. Convenient even if he was an unknown element.

"Excellent." She follows the turn toward the nearest bridge, their footsteps lost in the sound of the rain. One cannot be expected to know every supernatural creature in town, or Mab would make note she hasn't seen him before. London is simply too big and she herself is too new, though she has begun re-establishing herself. She has enough patience to allow them to walk in silence for a time. In fact, she could do so the entire trip but that would mean she would find nothing out about this new supernatural man. And knowledge was always power. So she looked sidelong at him after a time, visible beyond the cowl hood.

"Might I ask if you are a resident or simply visiting this... lovely city?" She gave the rain a wry look.
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“You know,” Vlad takes one final drag on the cigarette, chest expanding as his lungs fill with smoke.

He turns his head just enough so that he can see Mab beyond the lit end of the cigarette, the corner of his eyes crinkling slightly as though the question amuses him. Which it does, though likely not for the reason she expects. “You're not the first to ask.”

Or the second, nor even the third. It was enough to make him wonder if the city at large were expecting him to do something obscene at a moment's notice and were either bracing themselves for the inevitable or hoping not to miss it.

Then he removed the cigarette, blowing the smoke out slowly. "So I shall tell you what I told them: that while it's been some time since I last walked these streets, I'm hardly what you'd consider a tourist." The corners of his mouth tick up. "Anything more and you're going to have to buy me dinner first."
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If he had been there for any length of time it would make sense she wasn't the first to ask. After all, he gave his destination as the central part of town which was the most expensive to reside in and had far more hotels per capita than the outskirts. "It is polite... small talk, is it not?" She asked, taking a moment to remember the right term.

Ahh, now that was a fae answer if she'd ever heard one. She gazed at him for a moment, trying to decide if he was hinting at something or simply being cautiously vague. She found herself returning that somewhat smile and turning her head to fully look at him, face shadowed enough by the cowl that her eyes seemed almost luminescent. Her look turned sly, she did like games. "I don't even know your name."
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The not-quite smile blossoms into a full-blown grin; she wasn't the only one that enjoyed games. Particularly the kind where you got to make the rules up as you went along. "You never asked."

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That smile looked real. But Mab could make a smile look real too so who really knew if he was enjoying himself. She tipped her head like a fencer acknowledging a touch. "If I ask, am I obligated to buy you dinner?" They moved through the streets, which weren't empty as the locals were generally used to this weather and were well equipped with umbrellas and galoshes. But they didn't seem to have to wait either or push their way through. The path opened before them as they moved through it like water. It was probably a combination of their power manifesting Mab tended to employ persuasion without thought, as a veil of obfuscation.
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"I might be tempted to be generous."

Maybe. He finds he rather enjoys the anonymity and the fact that he can make others curious and wary simply by existing. He is not, perhaps, the nicest person.

Not always, at any rate.

"Though names do have their own particular sort of power."
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It is fine if he is not particularly nice. Mab is certainly not nice by any known human standard. "Ahh yes. But surely you have nothing to fear from me?" Her smile is all predator at that. She doesn't even fake being some innocent little thing, easy prey, if he is old enough to stick to the old customs, understand the power of names and play a game of cat and mouse in a simple conversation, he was old enough to sense that she had power. Not that she was really the type to hide that anyway.

So instead of faking it, she challenged him, enjoying the word play thoroughly. "So will you tell me?"
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He inclines his head, his expression wry. "In my experience, lovely things often have the most bite." And there was no denying the fact that Mab was exceptionally lovely, even while glamoured.

"So, you'll have to forgive me my wariness, my Lady; where I am from we are taught not to sacrifice any of our power for anything less than an equal exchange. As is only fair."
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He plays so well. Compliments and deferrals, so polite and she certainly wasn't the only lovely thing in the conversation. She taps a finger against frozen berry colored lips. "Wariness is in such short supply these days." Though many people in London were remarkably keyed in to the dangers of supernatural predators.

"A fair exchange is always agreeable." In fact it's kind of built in for her. Balance in all things. "And what might you consider equal?" It's not that she'd be bothered with a nom de plume but he had not outright refused.