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Test Drive Meme: June 2015

Welcome to the Underground test drive meme! This is where you can try out the AU version of your character, start some potential CR and get a feel for the world of the game. Choose your character's species, read up on the available factions and you're ready to go. Put your character's name in your subject line when you post, tag out, and have fun!

Note to current players: Activity in this meme counts as game canon! So you can use it for activity check. If you end up playing anything that you can't or don't want to use as game canon, it's fine to ignore it. (In that case you shouldn't submit it for activity check.)

Here are some prompts to inspire you:

1) LONDON CALLING. People come to London from all corners of the earth. Now you're here and whether you meant to or not, you've been drawn in to the supernatural world. Perhaps you're here to meet other members of your faction. Or perhaps the city's more unusual inhabitants find you first.

2) DARK SIDE. Whether it's animal instincts, a lust for blood or uncontrollable magic, every supernatural being struggles with their darker instincts. Be careful, you may end up doing something you regret.

3) ENEMY TERRITORY. You've found yourself on the wrong side of the tracks. This is enemy territory, you shouldn't be here. Better hope you can sneak your way through without any trouble. Although you have this nagging feeling that you're being followed...

4) GET YOUR SHOVEL. Well, there's a body. Freshly killed, and they didn't come to a natural end. The question is, did you do it or was it someone else? You'd better sort this mess out quickly.

5) STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. It's the Wimbledon finals, so grab a picnic basket, buy some horribly overpriced strawberries, choose your tennis-themed outfit and get yourself off to SW19. Sure you can handle large crowds? Now is not the time for a supernatural mishap.

6) JUST DANCE. It's a ceilidh! (Barn dance.) Organized by witches but open to all (friendly) newcomers, the dance takes place in an old music hall. There's food, drink, folk music and a magical ritual to bless all young single people attending who are looking for a partner. You never know, your next dance partner might be the one.

7) FULL MOON. (2nd July) Uh oh, it's that time of the month. Werewolves, have you been feeling more aggressive lately? A little short of temper? Better start preparing for your monthly transformation and hope that you don't get interrupted. And then there's the morning after, which feels like a massive hangover. Wait, where are your clothes?

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That answer earns him a raised brow though she does not react in any other way to his motions. As though she's not concerned in the least about a weapon.

"Right now?" She repeats as though it's any of her business at all. He brought it up. He's like a wounded animal. Alert and ready to attack whatever moves at him the wrong way but in pain on a deep level. "Is there a time you do take chances?"
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"Does it really matter," he questions, eyeing her for a moment. He's not going to pull the little blade he caries on her, something tells him it won't be in his best interest if he did and she's not given him a reason to. At least not yet.

"I'm not into causing trouble, just trying to get by is all." Which isn't a lie but he also has the feeling it may not be enough to get him out of the situation he's stumbled into either.

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Twitchy young thing isn't he? Mab watches him, almost inhumanly still, that soft look of amusement still hovering on her lips. The she makes a gesture, a graceful sweep of her hand that seems more old world than new indicating he is free to walk on by. "You may proceed." It almost sounds like a dismissal.

"Trouble does not always need a cause." She points out almost offhandedly. Nothing wrong with pushing a few buttons.
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He should walk away. He should walk away. Everything is telling him not to engage, to just keep moving and hope he's not stirred something up that's going to follow him. Then again, maybe he's not interesting enough, who knows? He's not good at reading people anymore, knowing what they have on their minds. Once upon a time that was different but lots of things got scrambled.

"I'll give you that much, lady. I'm just hoping to keep out of it for as long as I can. Not saying it won't find me, but I can make it damn hard to be tracked."

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He really should walk away, he's standing talking to a woman who could put her fingers into solid brick without leaving a mark, getting soaked to the bone in London rain. If he didn't, she might offer to share hers. Not that he'd accept but it would be interesting to see if that would make him scuttle off or just throw him off.

Her head tilts a little at his response. It is clever, almost funny though he clearly didn't mean it that way. He seems worn down and resigned. "You are in London, there are means of tracking that most men cannot even comprehend." Because he hasn't moved, no matter how much he is kicking himself in his own head for standing around, she takes a step toward him, into that personal space. "You are tired. This constant avoidance of trouble or what caused it in your past weighs on you visibly now. Using the same hand she'd gestured with, almost like someone working with a stray animal, she lifts it slowly so he can see she holds no weapon and takes another step closer. Her other hand is occupied with the umbrella. So her options of attack may seem minimal for the moment.
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"London's not that special, you know. Other places have tricks up their sleeves too." He would know, he got caught in the crossfire once and lost more time to it than he wants to admit. Now he's just trying to make up for that in a new place, though whether he chose the right one remians to be seen.

There's something cold about her, something that reminds him of the winter and the ice. He doesn't say it but he remembers the dark days and the court that roles over them. Maybe she's fae and maybe she isn't but he knows enough to be leery.

Not that he's acting on instinct right now.

Watching her move, his eyes stay on her hands. If she is anything more than human, it might not matter, he may already be fucked but that could have happened long before now. "What're you doing..."

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"Many cities are special in their own way." She replies without rancor.

He doesn't back away and she takes that last step, lifting her hand far enough to touch his cheek. As she does, though her hand is warm a cool feeling should wash through him, lessening physical aches and quieting mental agony. She can't do a permanent healing as he has no actual connection to her but she can ease pain for a moment while she touches him. Hand resting against his cheek like she might lean in to kiss him any moment though she makes no move to do so. And if he pulls away she won't follow. Her umbrella lifts to cover them both from the rain though it might be a lost cause considering how wet he already is.

"Bringing you some comfort, child." That first hit is always free.
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He sicks in a breath, feeling the warmth, the comfort course through him. It's like a blanket being wapped around him, just a little comfort in the deary evening.

But he knows what this is, has felt it before. He swallows hard, trying to deal with the mixture of panic and soothing warmth chasing each other around inside his head.

"What are you," he questions softly, not because he doesn't know, he's pretty sure he can guess, but because he needs to hear her say it.
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She can see an ease in his face as her touch heals things inside him even if only temporarily. Something like panic flashes through his eyes but it is gone before she can nail it down. He may be panicked about the suddenness of it, but if he is concerned about her causing harm just now, it is unnecessary. Mab is patient. Giving someone such comfort is like a gateway drug. She can leave it at the one time and walk away with nothing lost for herself and the seed of comfort still planted within him. She plants many such seeds and waits to see which ones bloom.

Tilting her head she considers his question. Generally the fae don't reveal themselves to vanilla humans. But he's already seen her with her fingers in a portal and let her magic wash through him. She could be a witch but witches have to cast spells and use objects to complete their magic. So smiles a little, a human expression that she mimics well even if she generally doesn't do it herself. "You have already guessed on your own that I am fae."